Searching for and due dil (audit) of the suppliers in China

If you want to buy goods in China, looking for the suppliers is the main task. Together with the client we find a producer of the goods or choose from the list of the checked companies. If you need, we can audit the Chinese company. We work with the checked audit companies in China.

Controlling the quality of the produced goods.

The representatives of the «Asian Trading House» in China constantly control the quality of the goods during production and dispatch.

Customs registration and certification.

«ATH» is very experienced in filling in all the documents for the custom clearance to pass the customs fast. When you have the question “How to perform customs clearance?” and you don’t know what to start with and how to do it yourselves, we will consult and help you. If it is needed, we will prove the customs cost.

Foreign economic activity outsourcing.

Our work experience in the foreign economic activity lets us avoid different possible risks in arranging export activity and create a partnership with the suppliers in China. If you don’t know how to bring goods from Chinese producers and want to do it using the resources of your own company, we can help you with the export activity and teaching your specialists.

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