Feed supplements from China

Corn gluten meal (contains 60% of protein)

33Dried corn gluten is a powder which is produced while turning corn into starch and molasses (syrup). Gluten has a specific smell and its color can differ from light yellow to dark grey. Corn gluten is a valuable product because it is a high-protein herbal raw material. It contains about 60% of raw protein. This kind of protein contains a lot of essential amino acids. For example, gluten has a big amount of sulfur amino acids – methionine and cystine. There is also a lot of linoleic acid that positively influences cattle productivity. Gluten also contains a rich complex of trace elements, lipo- and water-soluble vitamins: Е, В1, В2, В3, В4, В5, В6.

Fish flour.

42Fish flour is produced from non-food kinds of fish, marine mammals, shellfish and also from the wastes of foody fish processing, crabs, shrimps and other aquatic organisms with the addition of an antioxydant according to all the standards.