Products supplied from China “Asian Trade House”

Feed supplements from China

Corn gluten meal (contains 60% of protein) Dried corn gluten is a powder which is produced while turning corn into starch and molasses (syrup). Gluten has a specific smell and its color can differ from light yellow to dark grey. C...

Mineral resources

Minerals from China for different needs of production Mineral resources are minerals in the lithosphere. Their physical and chemical properties make it possible to use them in industries and life activities. They can be in the gas...

Industrial chemicals

When you need industrial chemicals from China. Delivering industrial chemicals is one of the directions of the “ATH”. We have chosen reliable suppliers of the goods in China. It provides us with non-stop direct deliveries of raw m...

Gas-cleaning equipment

Gas-cleaning equipment prepares the air while commercial runs and industrial processes. Nowadays the tempo of the industrial development is very high. The fact is that no manufacture or plant can work in a non-waste method. Moreov...

Agricultural equipment from China

In Russia “ATH” delivers to all companies connected with agriculture modern Chinese agricultural equipment. Economical, reliable equipment with high maintainability has already been recommended for the Russian climate. Now effecti...

Road-building equipment

Nowadays road-building equipment is highly sought. Every day specialists build kilometers of roads, and for working intensively and for the result of high quality they need to use up-to-date equipment that allows setting the roads...

Special equipment

LLC “ATH” brings customized special machines directly from China. Our connections with the producers allow us to get the best conditions for our clients. We can deliver any equipment produced in China at your request with the tech...

Metal-working equipment

You can order a delivery of metal-working equipment from China. Our experience of cooperation with the producers of the machinery allows us to find a Chinese supplier quickly, to come to agreement and to arrange the delivery

Metallurgical equipment

Direct supplies of metallurgical, mining, metal or mineral working machines, tools and equipment. Metallurgical equipment For Steel production (revolvable furnaces, mixing machines) For processing of minerals (bulky grinders, big-...

WARMAN pumps

Professional Pump Engineer with Pumping Solutions Damei Kingmech Pump Co., Ltd. is a reliable pump manufacturer in China that has been devoted to the R and D and manufacture of industrial pumps. Established in 2005, our company ha...

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