About the company

LLC «Asian Trading House» is your strategic partner in the Russia-China market

Our basic principle is simplifying external-economic work, realization of export deals and deliveries for you. We have an excellent reputation in Russia and in China.

You don’t need to become a participant of the foreign economic activity and to orientate in the international trade, currency and tax laws, in logistics and customs. Our company will render all the services for delivering the goods you need according to all the requirements and standards.

Import or export, especially in the format of “FEA-outsourcing”, make business with China possible, and it doesn’t depend on the development level of your company or on the forms of the ownership.

We are the participants of the foreign economic activity and execute contracts of Russian and Chinese companies, fulfill the functions of the importer-receiver or exporter, for them or instead of them. It is a good opportunity the companies of the two countries to deal with each other without facing problems and risks of a Russian participant of the foreign economic activity. Because of that our clients make agreements outright and we arrange the deal and even provide loans to our clients.
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