«Asian Trading House». Deliveries from China and South-eastern Asia.

  • WARMAN pumps

“Asian Trading House” was created to provide you with safe, comfortable and profitable wholesale purchase of equipment and goods from China.


Forage for battery farms and animal husbandry


Equipment for metal working


Mineral and natural raw materials from China


WARMAN pumps


Casting and forged work from China


Metallurgical, mining equipment


Food supplements and raw materials


Industrial chemicals from China

Some brief information about the «Asian Trading House»

Goods from China wholesale are our specificity, and we succeeded in it. If you need to know what Chinese goods you can order, you can call our free phone number 8(800) 500-86-07, and our managers will consult you. Everything that is important for you is goods for the wholesale price from the Chinese producers. It is the best guarantee of the low price and your growing profit. Now your business will become more profitable because of the delivery of the Chinese goods. When you need feed supplements (gluten, fish or soy-bean flour), metallurgical or metal working equipment, agricultural machines, special tools, you can order them from China or South-eastern Asia, and you will get great benefit. Deliveries with “ATH” are safe and comfortable. On our website you can choose the goods you need. And if you didn’t find anything, our high-qualified specialists in Russia and in China are always ready to help you.

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